Quality Policy

The quality of our services is of paramount importance for the continued success of Sun Temple. We are dedicated to implementing and continually improvement of our quality management system (QMS) to consistently meet our client requirements.

To provide leadership and support for assurance of quality, the following principles have set and comprise the Sun Temple quality policy:

  1. Sun Temple is committed to achievement of continual improvement of quality in its operation.
  2. Sun Temple will achieve quality by:
  • Clearly defining corporate policies, work procedures, and objectives.
  • Regularly monitoring and the evaluating of our quality goals.
  • Recognizing the importance of customer’s feedback.
  • Taking a proactive approach to problem solving through the use of non conformance report, corrective and preventive actions, and root cause analysis.

3. Quality is monitored and evaluated through the Sun Temple quality management system. The policies procedures and process are subject to regular reviews and audits to ensure their continual improvements and effectiveness.